Stop Fishing Around and Book Direct

Whether you’re coming to Florida’s Historic Coast for business or play, flexibility and reliability are key for a smooth trip. Here are our top reasons for booking your St. Augustine Beach vacation direct, versus booking through third-party online travel sites. Book directly online, by phone at  (904) 471-2555 or download our app.

Lowest Rates

Guy Harvey Resort St. Augustine Beach offers special discounts that are only available when booking direct. Enjoy no hidden fees and the best rates when you book over the phone or direct with us online.

Tip: Some online travel agents, wholesalers, and tour operators (third-party sites) advertise at a lower rate but end up being the same price or even more expensive once clicking through to the final price, which includes their booking fees.


The best plans sometimes get thrown off track. If something changes with your stay, you’ll get better customer service if you book directly through the hotel. Our cancellation and deposit policies (when applicable) are transparent and often more flexible than when booking through third parties.

Tip: Many third-party booking sites have more strict cancellation policies and some charge in advance. When booking via a third-party, it can be more difficult to modify/cancel your reservation and can take much longer to return deposits (when applicable).

All Room Types Available

Some room types or views are only available when you book direct*. Booking direct allows you to choose the room type that best meets your needs. You can see exactly which room types are available in real time through our direct booking engine.

Tip: Many third-party sites do not guarantee room type for guests. Some of our premium room types or views are not available on third-party booking sites.
*(Based on availability)

Instant Confirmation, Secure Transaction

Booking direct is easy, fast, and safe. When booking directly, your reservation is confirmed instantly. You will receive an email from us confirming the booking and all stay details. Some third-party booking sites can take up to 48 hours to confirm reservations.

Tip: Guy Harvey Resort St. Augustine Beach never shares your personal information with others. Some third-party booking sites share and/or sell your personal information with other parties.