Santiago's Florida Kitchen & Craft Bar

santiago's shrimp tacos. rice and beans with mango salsa

With a seemingly endless selection of cuisines around the world, there’s always something that makes a country, a region, a city, or even a neighborhood unique. At Santiago’s, we’re making the most of what there is by fusing Florida and St. Augustine’s melting pot of cuisines, history and cultures into a menu that showcases what has made our city the destination it is today.

Santiago’s Florida Kitchen & Craft Bar is a contemporary take on everything that makes Florida dining great – a melding of culinary influences including the Spanish heritage of St. Augustine, Latin American and southern cuisines.

Our wide selection of traditional dinner plates will satisfy your appetite for unique and eclectic tastes, but the main focus of our menu is our tapas-inspired, smaller, sharable-sized selections that allow the guest to experience an array of dishes.

From fresh ceviche and seared ahi tuna, to shrimp and grits and the best burger on the beach, our menu is both comforting and exciting. Our bar features freshly prepared juices, local spirits and craft beers, award winning cocktails and beach-friendly libations alike.

Restaurant Hours:

Breakfast Served Daily: 7:00AM – 10:30AM

Lunch & Dinner served from 11:00AM-10:00PM on Sunday-Thursday, 11:00AM-11:00PM Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Food & Wine

Meet Executive Chef Brooke Embry

Executive Chef Brooke Embry

Brooke was born in Jacksonville, FL and grew up in St. Augustine where she started fishing with her father at a very young age – and still enjoys throwing out a rod and reel in her free time. She recalls him making her stay back to help scale, gut, and filet the fish. “One day you’ll be able catch, clean, AND cook it,” he said. Her father wasn’t wrong – Brooke now resides as Executive Chef of Santiago’s Florida Kitchen and Craft Bar at the Guy Harvey Resort St. Augustine Beach.

Cooking has always been a passion of Brooke’s even when she was very young. However, her career started out as selling insurance and financial products occupationally for 12 years, until she decided to transition her career to her passion and chose to attend culinary school. Starting a secondary career in her mid-thirties, she was determined to excel and succeed. Brooke started a catering company during her last semester in school where she was given the opportunity through the St. Augustine Yacht Club during an internship to utilize their facility and clientele to build her catering business. During this period, she worked several other jobs at local restaurants to supplement her income and build her skills. Brooke recalls, “being a line cook in a field that was predominantly male dominated, I wasn’t always warmly welcomed. It was frequently assumed that I wasn’t capable of accomplishing basic kitchen tasks, such as changing the fryer oil or cleaning a flat top grill. I quickly proved any doubters wrong, and proved I didn’t need or want any special treatment due to my gender or size.”

For the following ten years, she continued working in many different genres of the culinary field, and alongside some notable, high-profile, and respectable chefs – many whom she very much respected and learned everlasting skills. Brooke’s positions and roles ranged anywhere from traditional operation stations, to culinary managing director, to even yacht charters. Her hard work lead to what is now Santiago’s Florida Kitchen & Craft Bar at Guy Harvey Oceanfront Resort in in St. Augustine Beach, FL. “I am honored and excited to be the Executive Chef of this beautifully transformed location.”

Executive Chef Brooke Embry
Executive Chef Brooke Embry